training centre

Engaging people power in your distribution channel...

An educated confident distribution chain provides you with 'people power'. We have cross industry experience in Travel trade, Automotive, Electronics, Retail and Insurance providing innovative training processes. Online or offline,by download or app, your training delivery will immerse the user in the latest eye catching and stimulating delivery methods. Training does not have to be a drudge it can be inspiring and entertaining, maximising retention and use with media rich content.

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Where you need more than the in-house publication and want to regularly communicate, test comprehension and find where there are areas of weakness, the H&A Learning Centre is a resource that can deliver a total distance learning solution. We will plan, communicate and caringly move your audience forward, providing you with the comfort that your whole distribution or service network is in-tune with you, minimising discord and maximising your opportunities at 'customer point zero'.

You will have hard data to act upon and the ability to provide direction and reaction to weakness where it is identified. Join the automotive, travel trade, retail, product and service companies using our services.

Your 'elearn' web centre

  • Post Modules on line
  • Create and set questions
  • Make changes and updates as you wish
  • Engage the user with on-line 'ebay style' diary and attention reminders
  • Track performance, monitor compliance and weakness with the comprehensive management suite that can be customised to your requirements
  • Take full control from your desktop

We have a wide range of on line modules that can be adapted for your needs. The modules can be remote controlled by your administrators, allowing you to post modules and questions in phases. You can set completion and correctness levels to achieve the desired pass and recognition requirements.

From start to finish we can get your learning programme off the ground delivering results and providing hard data that proves your people are cohesively delivering consistency in your distribution or communication channels.

Talk to us to day and get people power behind your company.