incentives and loyalty


Incentives UK and International

Capture the imagination and engage the impetus you are looking for with creative well executed incentives.

  • Distributor Network Programmes
  • Sales Force Incentives
  • Retail Initiatives
  • Service Team Incentives
  • International Incentive and Redemption Solutions
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Reward Store

Loyalty & Incentives using new media, web and a bit of magic!

Proven programmes to increase sales and lock in customers and growth. H&A have worked in a wide range of markets creating a sales growth by the bespoke design and implementation of loyalty programmes for customers or the customers of your wholesalers, extending your product demand and locking in growth even further.

We are a one stop shop for the design, communication, administration, response management and data management of your programme. We become your own bolt-on programme office. Ready to use web infrastructures await your logo and corporate identity templates, a turnkey solution to incentives on the web with comprehensive back-end data management systems which you can access from your desk!

Let us design, implement, administrate and orchestrate your growth. If your products or services are being bought you should look at loyalty reward programmes.

Loyalty working for you

Well conceived and executed loyalty programmes will achieve many positive factors:-

  • Increased market share
  • Incremental sales
  • Greater customer contact
  • High degrees of goodwill and added value
  • Increased customer base and market penetration

We work silently, you take the credit.

On-line incentives made easy:-

We have a wide range of exciting on-line incentive options for you to easily implement your on line incentive, including reward shops with a bespoke collection of merchandise, vouchers and activities targeted to your audience profile, sales claims and record systems, and a wide range of tools to assist you track performance and implement a comprehensive web based incentive.

Our core modules are tailored to your needs with bespoke systems that ensure a close knit to your processes and methods. The graphics style will match your identity and can mimic your own site style so a seamless transition into your incentive store takes place.

With so many options and a wide range of expertise at your fingertips, talk to h&a today and engage your audience with a dynamic web incentive.