imagineering solutions

The flexibility and resources to deliver...

The journey can start anywhere!...

Wherever we start our journey together you have the confidence to know that all our services are at your disposal, at the turn of a key you can benefit from inspirational approaches to all areas of the marketing mix. A refreshing change to the ordinary, a different angle using technology and creativity to launch your product, message and image to your customers.

The journey can end anywhere!...

What may start as a simple virtual brochure may require a response database, this in turn may engage a customer in an incentive and then an on-line rewards store. The demand may trigger the need for product training in the distribution chain and further recognitions activity at distributor level...however the story evolves we can engage a process that provides an integrated marketing services solution.

...that is the H&A way.

Imagineering in action...

Imagineering "Creatively engineering from available resources new solutions for a specific requirement"

Often our client's needs require innovative solutions to meet their marketing requirements, this will require imaginative use of technology and inventive practices to create the required solution.

H&A bring together the experts in each of the core services and creatively look at a need or brief from the promotional, technological and administrative perspectives to create solutions that present new avenues and go beyond just a solution to meet an end.

We have created:-

  • Mystery shopper programmes with smart phone questionnaires. Photo messaging for display competitions, with a web back end covering news, views and administrative protocols.
  • Interactive Web Based learning programmes and skills testing protocols using questionnaire randomisation to ensure people in the same showroom all receive a different skill test.
  • Digital brochures to resolve the logistics of communicating product promotion information to 15000 agents weekly for three months cost effectively and with maximum flexibility.

H&A 'imagineer' solutions for a wide range of clients with different requirements, for example:-

  • Training platform and video destination download for major travel consortium.
  • Agricultural market incentive for major tractor company operated in 4 countries to dealer network.
  • In dealer launch communication for new car. Virtual environment communicating market dynamics and model virtues.
  • Digital training tool for major automotive company.