CGI, Virtual & Digital... digital creativity

The digital world is at the heart of our solutions. We have grown expertise by pushing boundaries and innovation to deliver elegant solutions that are captivating by delivering the WOW factor.

We have agents in China looking out for the latest gizmos that can be used to enhance delivery and our creative team and programming team compile finished products blending current digital media and delivery platforms.

What does this all mean...? In a nutshell solutions that are as widely diverse as the brief that drives them. A stand out result that gets noticed.

  • Where materials are sparse we create stunning virtual stages and overlay an actor into the scene to present the facts and features. It looks a million dollars but does not cost such.
  • Where a brochure alone cannot provide the gravitas required to do justice to the product or message we put a small LCD screen into it and play a special created video.
  • Where there is a need to ramp up the scale create a holographic presentation our 3D animators bring things to life.
  • A daunting training manual can become a friendly reference with personal desktop coach built in.