who are we?

One stop to Communicate, Educate, Motivate, & Increase Sales!

Turnkey marketing services for distribution and retail channels

H&A's marketing services are employed by a wide range of companies to improve distribution, service and communication levels in their sales network, with a sole focus to drive sales upwards via increased understanding and visibility.

Creative innovative communication, campaigns, web and new media solutions that engage people, capture their imagination and motivate action. A complete range of integrated marketing services providing a one stop turnkey resource for business development.

People are always the stepping-stone to your success, whether it is your efforts looking out or customers looking in at you. Whichever, its people who are responsible for your outcome, and people can be, communicated with, trained and motivated to learn about and empathise with your product or service

Tools to motivate people to take action...

  • Incentives and Loyalty Programmes
  • New Media Solutions
  • Learning Centre
  • Creative Centre
  • Administration Centre
  • Video Centre